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we can accept Master , VISA(except US) , bank transfer ,western union , money gram .
the first payment access (credit card 1) only can accept Master online payment . if you want to pay with VISA  please choose the access 2 (credit card 2), we will send the new link to you after you make the order

first step , please choose the modle you would like and click "Add to Cart" (you can make the order in our website as visitor ,need not register)

if ok , then , please click "go to checkout"

3 , please fill your information in our website and click "Submit"

4. choose the payment way . acess 1 is for Master , acess 2 is for VISA, and 3 is for bank and 4 is western union . 2,3,4 payment way , you will get this page , and we will send you the information to you 

5 , if you choose first payment access 1 (Credit card 1) for Master online payment , you will get this page : 

after fill all information and click "confirm payment" , you will see this page :

that means the payment is in processing now , need about 24 hours to be cleared .  our payment access , one card only can pay in 24 hours . so impossible to pay twice in one day . 
 after 2-3 seconds , may be the page will show 
Unable to access this page , but ifyou see the payment is in processing , it is no problem . if you want to check the payment , please send the email to us : . or leave the message in our website to check the order . 
if the payment is succeed ,we will send the QC pictures to you before shipping . after you confirm , will send out the watch and give you the tracking . 

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