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How long is the warranty on your watches?


We offer a one year warranty on all watches. However you will be the one to pay for return shipping to us. The repairs we send back to you , you need not pay for it .


If the watch broken ,must send back to you to repair ?


Not all , some problem ,we we can send the parts to you to repair by yourself , such as lost the screw , you need not send back to us , we just send the parts to you .
if I ask the local watchsmith to repair the watch , your website will pay for it ?


I am sorry that we do not accept it . because until now , most of customer ask the watchsmith to repair and make the watch worse and some claimed in hight price , such as 400USD , and the watch just 200USD .


What happens if my watch has water damage, am I still covered under the warranty?


Unfortunately not, we cannot be held responsible for water damage as there is no way of knowing whether you submerged your watch deeper than what was recommended by us in the product’s description.


What happens if I am not home to accept the watch and I cannot pick it up from the depot in time before it gets returned to sender?


We are not held responsible if you are not home to pick up the order (shipping companies usually attempt to deliver a few times before sending the package back or hold it in the depot for a couple of weeks to a month for you to personally pick it up). When and if the watch arrives back to us we will re-ship the watch to you and you have to pay the shipping cost again.


What if I would like a refund?


Unfortunately our items are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for another item or returnable for store credit. It is your responsibility to thoroughly research the watch you are interested in before purchasing and to make an informed purchase. If your watch should arrive damaged then we will fix it for free and ship it back to you for free (you only pay for return shipping to us) as per our 6 month warranty. It will be at our discretion as to whether we repair your watch or replace the defective parts or replace the whole watch.


What happens if you send me the wrong items?

We have never done this before, but if this should happen we will pay for return shipping to us and we will send you out your correct order rapidly, also free of charge.
if the repair parcel sent back lost or hold by customs . will get full refund ?
sorry ,we do not make the full refund in the repair shipping . we will send you the shipping information and the detail way, if you do not do as we request ,we have no duty on the parcel lost or hold by customs .

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